YonKa facial treatments at HavenEnter the world of Yon-Ka treatments for a unique phyto-aromatic experience, where every fragrance brings harmony. Holistic and tailored to you, Yon-Ka treatments are an invitation to well being, a promise of immediately visible results, an olfactory experience to enchant the body and soul. Whether you have 30 minutes or several hours, your certified Yon-Ka therapist can recommend the aromatic treatment that is best for you, both in Haven and at home.




Essential Facials


Escale Beaute Mini Facial      €45

Suited to all skin types and all ages - a great introduction to Yon-Ka facials. The ideal treatment when your time is limited. Citrus scent is combined with the true lavender fragrance of French Provence to re-energise and stimulate, while a shrewd selection of botanical extracts replenish the skin and reveal a soft, delicate soothed complexion. 40 magical minutes of well being and relaxation that will leave you wanting more!


Le Grand Classique    €70

Suited to all skin types needing cleansing and balancing - perfect for all ages. A deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. A truly personalised treatment, this is probably one of the most complete facial care treatments available in a salon. It includes 5 steps of progressive cleansing without irritation, thanks to an exclusive Yon-Ka process. With a relaxing massage and invigorating, balancing natural aromas, your skin is left clean and your complexion radiant.


Age Defence Facials


Vital Defence    €65

Suited to all skin types, best for skins aged 25 - 35 years needing vitality, cleansing and brightening. Anti-ageing prevention, antioxidant and ant-pollution facial. Advised for skins to fight ageing caused by external aggressions and all skin that are dull and need more vitality. Your skin will breathe freshness!


Hydralessence       €75

Suited to all dehydrated skins and excellent for after sun exposure for all ages. This high performance, deep hydrating facial will revive the most dehydrated complexions., eliminating signs of stress and helping your skin to rebalance itself with a moisture surge of oils, creams and elixirs.


Age Correction Facials 


Stimulastine       €80

Suited to all ageing skins with fine lines and wrinkles, aged 35 - 55 years. Smoothing / restructuring ant-wrinkle facial. The skin is infused with stimulastine elixir mask which helps restructure and repair. Skin is left vitalised, nourished, and with increased elasticity. 


Optimizer       €80

Suited to ageing skins needing firming, aged 35 - 55 years. Lifting and firming facial. Every part of this miracle treatment encourages flawless skin and perfect tone. Thanks to the regenerating action of extracts of horsetail, roe hip, and collagen, you are left looking beautiful and relaxed with a renewed sense of harmony.


Age Exception Facials


Excellence Code      €90

This is above all an exceptional Yon-Ka experience with its Yon-Ka specific ant-ageing techniques, exclusive bio cellulose mask and an energy point hand massage using the beautiful Nutri Protect Hand Creme. Suited to mature skins aged 55+years.



Wellness Facials


Plasir d'Arômes   €60

Suited to all skin types and all ages. Aromatic well being and radiance enhancing facial. This cocooning treatment unites all of the beneficial elements of Yon-Ka skin care and turns the moment into pure pleasure. The aromatic compress with its subtle fragrance, the incomparable power of plants, the enveloping and relaxing massage, and finally the short moment of revitalisation to refresh and re-energise.



Medi Specific Facials 


Soin Pureté          €65

Suited to all ages with Acne, it cleanses, purifies, and heals. Correction and healing are the cornerstones of this distinctive, highly efficient treatment. Cleansed by extracts of burdock and essential oils of thyme, lavender and sage, your skin finds its natural balance. Excess oil production is regulated and inflammations are controlled allowing your skin to gradually regenerate itself and become clear once again.


Alpha Vital       €75

Suited to all skins, post acne, ant-ageing and with seasonal change. Radiance enhancing, resurfacing treatment. Using organically sourced AHA-BHA from natural fruits, dead skin cells are sloughed away and the skins surface becomes noticeably smoother without a hint of sensitivity. For true anti-ageing benefits, a course of 4 treatments is recommended along with a home care routine - recommended by your Yon-Ka therapist.





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